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A Day in the Life of a Real SEO Expert

Advanced expert SEO insight from a 20 year veteran Sr. SEO Specialist.

"I'm more of a doer than a teacher so this blog is about the nuts & bolts of how I've been doing SEO in the trenches for the last 2 decades, and still do it every day....Let's Go!"
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"Real SEO" in 2024. What's REAL & What's NOT

REAL SEO in 2024. What's Real and What's NOT.

✍ Written by Krisada Eaton.    πŸ”Š Read by AI Assistant Jennifer.

As an experienced Sr. SEO Specialist, I can confidently say that "Real SEO" in 2024 goes far beyond traditional website optimization techniques. It encompasses a holistic approach to optimizing a business's entire digital presence across multiple platforms and channels.

A holistic approach has substantial benefits, not least of which is the path to 1st Page Dominance.

But before we arrive at that ultimate SEO destination of 1st Page Dominance, we need to determine what's really going to get us there, and more importantly, to avoid what's NOT.

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Sr. SEO Expert, Krisada Eaton, Reveals His 2024 Digital Marketing Process Tactics and Strategy for Page Dominance Using Best Match Domains.


✍ Written by Krisada Eaton.    πŸ”Š Read by AI Assistant Jennifer.

Digital Marketing Process

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SEO Life. A Typical Day In The Life of A Freelance Sr. SEO Specialist

SEO Life - A day in the life of an Sr. SEO Specialist Knight Slaying Digital Dragon 01

A typical day in SEO Life slaying digital dragons might be a fearfully routine for some, but for this freelance SEO Specialist that's been around long enough to have a distinguishing "Senior" knighted to the title, it's anything but routine or fearful. πŸ˜‚

I will say that regardless of which era of my SEO Life I was traversing, homebased newbie web designer, Jr. SEO ad agency apprentice or corporate executive digital marketing director of all-things-search ...my days did have a consistent thread that still holds true now.


For me, a typical day in the life of this SEO Specialist has these essential components, in this order.

  1. First, and always first, a quick scan of the "Project Board". Spying the projects for anything unusual is the due dilligence that quells concerns that something might be afoot. More often than not, this is when I catch most errors, attacks or anomolies - good, bad or otherwise. This is also the first chance discovery of gold nuggets as they reveal themselves by disturbing the familiar landscape.

  2. Next is the inevitable analytical dive into each of the day's SEO rabbit holes, commencing with coffee in hand by now hopefully.

  3. And from there the chase to form a story out of our harvest of word charts, numbers and graphs leads me to the other side of partially formed notes and observations that beg to be attached to relevance. The quest for relevance becomes the direction for the next round of SEO implementations.

After having indulged in the first few rabbit holes of the day I turn to the more structured priorities in the belief that these endevors will end in a paid email invoice at some point.

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The Multifaceted Roles of an SEO Expert. Wearing the Hats of a Specialist, Analyst, and Consultant

The Multifaceted Roles of an SEO Expert. Wearing the Hats of a Specialist, Analyst, and Consultant

 πŸ”Š Read by AI Jennifer


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Qualifications and Roles of a Senior SEO Expert Specialist in Florida

Florida SEO-Specialist Jacksonville Orlando Miami St Augustine Pensacola Tampa-St Pete

Search engine optimization (SEO) in Jacksonville Florida stands as a crucial pillar of any successful online presence. 

In a diverse and competitive market like Florida, the role of a Senior SEO Expert Specialist becomes even more vital. 

From tourism to real estate, healthcare to finance, numerous industries in Florida heavily rely on effective SEO strategies to enhance their visibility and attract potential customers. 

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